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Can a Heat Pump Handle the Cold Temperatures of Winnipeg?

heat pump in winnipeg

Conventional wisdom on heat pumps hasn’t always advised their use in extreme cold. Designed to work in milder climates, standard air source heat pumps lose efficiency when the outdoor temperature approaches freezing. However, advancing technology provides options better suited to the deep cold of Prairie winters. Here’s a guide to help you understand how a heat pump can keep your Winnipeg home cozy — and energy efficient — through the frigid winter season.

How a Heat Pump Works as a Home Heating Solution

Heat pumps can warm or cool your indoor space by transferring heat from one location to another. In winter, that means transferring heat from the outdoor air into your home, a much more energy-efficient solution than creating heat through conventional combustion technology. When you warm your home with a heat pump, you enjoy a constant flow of gentle heat rather than the intermittent infusions of hot air you get with a typical furnace.

What’s the Ideal Temperature Range for a Heat Pump?

A heat pump’s functionality is contingent upon the outdoor temperature because it draws heat from the outdoor air. But not all heat pumps are created equal. The key to getting the full benefit of a heat pump in Manitoba is to install a cold climate air source heat pump. Compared to conventional models, whose heating capacity is ineffective at about -10 C, cold climate heat pumps can deliver warming effects at -25 C and potentially lower, depending on the model.

Backup Heat Sources

For Winnipeg homes, a cold climate heat pump is more than viable as a primary heating option. However, for extremely cold days, you’ll need an auxiliary source of heat to supplement the capacity of your heat pump. Whether you use a natural gas furnace, woodburning stove or electric heaters, shifting your mindset to use these options as your backup rather than your primary heat source could help you see significant savings.

The abundance of low-emission hydroelectric energy in Manitoba makes heat pumps an excellent source of warmth for your Winnipeg home. If you’re considering a heating system upgrade, you may qualify for financial incentives like the Canada Greener Homes Grant or the heat pump program from Efficiency Manitoba.

Heat Pump Sales, Installation, Repairs and Maintenance in Winnipeg

When it comes to finding a suitable heat pump for your Manitoba home, Fair Service Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. is your trusted source for advice and service. We offer climate-right models from industry-leading brands, and you can trust our experienced team of technicians for expert installation. Contact us today for advice on finding the right heat pump for your Winnipeg home.

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