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Professional Water Heater and Hot Water Tank Replacement and Installation in Winnipeg

If you haven’t replaced your water heater or hot water tank since moving into your home, you may not know how much more time it has left. If your water heating system needs an upgrade, Fair Service Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. has you covered. We offer professional water heater and hot water tank replacement and installation services in Winnipeg, with inventory from top brands, including Rheem, Ruud and Lennox. Contact us today for more information.

3 Factors to Consider When Choosing A New Hot Water System

When you’re ready for a new water heating appliance, you’ll have a few choices. Here are a few criteria to consider.

1. Tank or tankless. Conventional hot water tanks typically cost less. However, a more expensive space-saving tankless water heater delivers on-demand endless hot water, consumes less energy and has a longer lifespan.

2. Size of water heater. Both hot water tanks and tankless water heaters come in various sizes. We’ll discuss your usage needs and consider space and temperature metrics to give you reliable recommendations.

3. Fuel type. Various options are available, so the relative costs of different fuels in your area will be a key consideration, as are your priorities around emissions and energy consumption.

Fair Service Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. can help you understand the options to find the best solution for you.

When to Replace Your Hot Water Tank

Do any of the following details apply to your water heating system?

  • It’s nearly 10 years old
  • It’s leaky
  • It’s loud
  • It makes strange noises
  • It has rust spots
  • It provides unreliable water temperature

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, it’s time to talk to Fair Service Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. about replacement.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Water Heater

In addition to helping avoid costly repairs, modern water heating systems offer multiple benefits, including:

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Faster hot water delivery
  • Temperature precision
  • Less cold-water wastage

Most modern water heating systems are designed with longer lifespans than older models.

Replacement and Installation Process

Here’s an outline of the steps we take to replace your water heater or hot water tank:

  1. Drain the old tank.
  2. Disconnect the power or gas supply and water line. If your old tank is gas-fuelled, we’ll detach the gas exhaust.
  3. Remove the empty tank.
  4. Level and align the new hot water tank or water heater.
  5. If you’re installing an electric heater, we’ll install a pressure relief valve. If your new system is gas-powered, we’ll attach the flue hat to the exhaust vent.
  6. Connect the heat trap fittings and water line.
  7. Fill the new tank.
  8. Connect the electricity or fuel supply and set the thermostat.

Water Heater Replacement and Installation in Winnipeg

When you’re ready to retire the hot water tank or water heater in your Winnipeg home, trust Fair Service Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. We have an excellent choice of models and offer skilled installation. We’ll provide sound advice on the models best suited to your needs. Contact us today to learn more.