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Comprehensive Furnace and Fuel-Fired Heating System Inspection Services in Winnipeg

Preventative furnace maintenance ensures your home’s heating system operates efficiently and safely throughout the cold season. At Fair Service Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd., our certified technicians are equipped to provide thorough furnace inspections for homeowners. We’re also qualified to carry out mandated fuel-fired heating system inspections for building owners. Contact us today to book an appointment.

Fuel-Fired Heating System Inspection and Reporting

In Manitoba, building owners are required to have their fuel-fired heating systems inspected in accordance with the Manitoba Fire Code. This inspection is called the Contractor’s Fuel-Fired Heating Appliance Inspection Report and is mandatory for all building owners, except those who own one- or two-family dwellings. The inspection includes furnaces, water tanks and boilers. Fair Service Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. is certified to conduct these inspections and provide you with a comprehensive report that meets the required standards. With our professional service, you can expect:

  • Thorough inspections. We’ll inspect your fuel-fired heating systems, ensuring they meet safety and compliance standards.
  • Detailed reports. Our certified furnace inspection technicians will provide you with a complete report outlining the results, as required by the Manitoba Fire Code.
  • Compliance assistance. We’ll help you navigate the necessary steps to ensure your property or building complies with regulations.

What a Furnace Inspection Includes

The expert technicians at Fair Service Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. conduct comprehensive furnace inspections, addressing key areas, including:

  • Ventilation and safety. The technician will check the vent system for blockages or leaks, ensuring proper airflow and exhaust of combustion gases.
  • Heat exchanger. Our team will inspect the heat exchanger for cracks, corrosion or leaks. These issues can compromise efficiency and pose safety risks.
  • Blower and motor. A qualified technician will clean and check the blower and motor and lubricate all moving parts.
  • Burner and ignition system check. The technician will inspect the burner and ignition system, ensuring proper fuel combustion and flame sensing.
  • Air filter. Our team will clean or replace the air filter to improve indoor air quality and system efficiency.

The Benefits of Furnace Inspections For Homeowners

Here are five key benefits of preventative furnace maintenance:

  1. Reduced energy costs. A well-maintained furnace operates at peak efficiency, consuming less energy to heat your home. This translates into lower utility bills and significant savings over time.
  1. Extended furnace lifespan. Regular maintenance reduces wear and tear on furnace components, extending the overall lifespan of your heating system. Preventative maintenance also helps identify and address minor issues before they develop into major breakdowns.
  1. Improved indoor air quality. A furnace inspection includes cleaning and replacing air filters, ensuring cleaner air circulation throughout your home. This reduces the presence of dust, allergens and other airborne contaminants.
  1. Enhanced safety. Regular furnace inspections can detect potential safety hazards, such as gas leaks or electrical faults, preventing potential fire hazards or carbon monoxide poisoning.
  1. Validates the warranty. Many manufacturer’s warranties require proof of professional maintenance.

Book Your Furnace Inspection in Winnipeg Today

Don’t wait until issues arise — book a furnace inspection with Fair Service Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. in Winnipeg. Contact us today to schedule your furnace inspection or fuel-fired heating system inspection.