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Energy Efficiency Programs Offered by Efficiency Manitoba

Did you know that if you’re a homeowner and have limited income, you can still easily and affordably make energy efficiency improvements to your home? Even if you are a home renter with a limited income, you may be able to improve the energy efficiency of your housing unit.

Efficiency Manitoba has introduced the Energy Efficiency Programs to make it simple and affordable to save energy, improve the comfort of your home, and save money.
Fair Service Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. is can help you apply for Efficiency Manitoba’s rebate programs offered b Efficiency Manitoba in Winnipeg.

Want to participate? Call us to learn more! An Efficiency Manitoba energy advisor will come to your home to review its energy efficiency and explain how the program works. You’ll also get some great energy efficiency items for use in your home.

If you qualify for the Energy Efficiency Assistance Program based on the results of the energy efficiency review, you will receive:

  • A new high-efficiency natural gas furnace for only $9.50/month for a fixed term of 5 years (a home renter may also qualify but the furnace cost of $9.50/month for 5 years will be the responsibility of the landlord)
  • Free qualifying insulation upgrades
  • Free in-home energy efficiency review and basic energy saving items

You can learn more about the program by giving us a call today.