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4 Dangerous Smells From Your Furnace

Ignoring the smell coming from your furnace or thinking you can fix them yourself can put your household in danger. HVAC systems can naturally emit odours that you may or may not notice, but there are some smells that indicate a serious problem. In order to keep yourself and your family safe, make sure to know those smell warnings:


Your furnace may emit a burning smell within the first 24 hours after starting it up for the season due to dirt, dust and debris that has collected inside your furnace over the summer.

If you notice your furnace smells like smoke for longer than 24 hours, turn off the furnace, shut off the gas supply as well.


A burning smell coming from your furnace could signal that a motor function or other electrical functions in your furnace are getting too hot. The smell typically can be described as burning plastic, hot metal, melting rubber, electrical. Unfortunately, these odours may indicate that a component of the furnace is burning. This kind of smell is usually electrical-related and can be very dangerous. If you’re feeling a burning smell from your heater, turn off your HVAC unit and contact us as soon as possible.


if you get a whiff of rotten eggs smell in your home, it means there’s a gas leak and it may be coming from your furnace. This can be extremely dangerous. get everyone out of the house immediately and contact us.


When mould develops in your air duct system it can produce a smell of dirty socks and other dirty clothes that you would typically find in a locker room. You should not take mould infestation lightly. A mould infestation can degrade the quality of indoor air which can cause serious respiratory problems. However, this is easily fixed with a thorough cleaning of your air duct systems by your repair technician, who can also determine where the excess condensation is coming from and how to remedy it.

If your furnace is emitting a concerning odour and you’re finding yourself wondering “Why does my furnace smell?”, do not hesitate to contact us. We are available 24/7 to aid in any emergency heating or cooling situations!

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