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When Is the Best Time to Have Furnace Maintenance Done?

If you are a homeowner in a cold winter in Winnipeg, you may be wondering when is the best time to have furnace maintenance done. There is not a specific date, but there is a commonly accepted suggestion: a month before the start of winter.

However, this is still rather vague for Winnipeg, where the calendar beginning of the Winter Solstice often does not align with the start of frigid temperatures. Still, it is a good starting point that allows you and your furnace maintenance company a large window of time that will allow you to avoid busyness or excessive wait times.

Why Does Your Furnace Need Maintenance?

Whenever you deem a month before winter to be, it is the best time to have your furnace maintenance done because it ensures the following points:

Safely– low likelihood of producing carbon monoxide

Efficiently–energy efficiency means lower energy bills

Effectively–able to heat your home through the coldest cold spell

After maintenance, your furnace system is ready to keep your home warm when the cold weather arrives.

What Does Furnace Maintenance Include?

Furnace maintenance comprises inspection, cleaning, and repair. Most furnace maintenance needs to be done by a certified professional who is familiar with your furnace’s make and model and knows fire, electrical, and gas safety codes and practices.

Inspection: Single- and dual-family dwellings are not required by law to undergo a fuel-fired heating systems inspection. However, annual professional tune-ups can ensure that all safety standards are met. Your furnace technician can also help you take any necessary steps to meet these standards. In particular, the technician will check for:

  • cracks in the heat exchanger
  • proper safeties and controls
  • water or gas leaks

Maintenance: A professional furnace technician will clean and inspect the furnace burners to keep them running efficiently. All moving parts will also be lubricated.

Repair: Only a furnace professional who knows how your furnace works will be able to safely repair any broken or worn parts on your furnace.

Isn’t There Something I Can Do?

As discussed in a previous blog, there are several furnace maintenance tasks that homeowners can do to help keep their furnaces running throughout the year.

  • Change the air filter
  • Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Clean the vents
  • Test the thermostat

Contact Us

Fair Service Heating & Air Conditioning offers reliable furnace inspection and maintenance services in Winnipeg over 20 years.  In particular, if you notice that your furnace:

  • occasionally turns off
  • makes strange noises
  • heats unevenly
  • fails to maintain the desire temperature
  • emits a strange smell, such as smoke, burning plastic, dirty shoes, or rotten eggs

call us for emergency or scheduled furnace repair.

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