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How Often Do I Need to Fix or Replace a Hot Water Tank?

hot water tank

Have you noticed an issue with your water heating appliance and wondered whether it’s time for a replacement? Typical issues may signal the need for a minor repair or adjustment, but they may be warning you to replace the tank before it leads to flooding or causes injury to someone in your home. Here’s a guide to some common warning signs and whether they mean your water heater needs a repair or replacement.

  • Insufficient heat

You should be able to raise the temperature of your hot water by adjusting the thermostat on your water heater. If that doesn’t help, your hot water tank may have a broken heating element — a technician can handle that repair. If the tank isn’t large enough for your household’s hot water needs, the solution is to buy a larger tank or invest in a secondary water heating solution.

  • Leaks

Water around your hot water tank should never be ignored, but some leaks can be eliminated with an adjustment to the tank fittings. A professional can make the necessary corrections or advise whether you have a bigger problem. If the leak is due to a larger issue and gets ignored, the tank could collapse, leaving you to contend with flood damage in addition to a water heater replacement.

  • Noise

Subtle clicking sounds are common as the water heats up, but if your water heater starts to make loud snapping or banging sounds, it’s asking for attention. A layer of built-up sediment can trap the water, causing the water to steam or bubble up. An annual heater flush can release sediment and eliminate or prevent those noises. If the flush doesn’t help, you may be dealing with strained or cracking metal, a sign that you need a new water heater.

  • Rust

If you see signs of rust in the colour of your water, it may be caused by the pipe system and not the water heater at all, so try to rule out other possible causes first. Take quick action if you see visible rust spots anywhere on your water heater. Rusting is common on older appliances and can serve as a warning to get a replacement before those rust spots turn into catastrophic leaks.

How Old Is Your Water Heater?

Whatever the condition of your water heating system, it’s smart to be prepared for replacement. The typical lifespan of a gas-powered water heater is about eight to 10 years, and electrical water heaters can last from 10 to 15. Tankless water heaters can last up to 15 years.

Hot Water Tank and Heater Replacement and Repair in Winnipeg

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