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Should I Pair My Furnace with a Heat Pump?

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If a furnace is your main heat source, you probably want to lower your heating expenses without compromising comfort. When you install a heat pump, it can work with your furnace to provide full heating coverage, optimizing energy efficiency while maintaining ideal home comfort. Here’s a guide to using a dual-fuel heating system, sometimes called hybrid heating.

Options For Pairing a Furnace with a Heat Pump

If you’re interested in a hybrid heating system, you can opt for a dual-fuel heating system that uses both natural gas and electricity or choose two separate heating appliances that are powered by different energy sources, like a heat pump and a gas furnace. A good heating professional can provide both heat pump and furnace installation services and determine the best configuration for your home.

How a Heat Pump Works with a Furnace

Pairing a traditional furnace with an air source heat pump is an effective way to achieve both consistent home comfort and optimal energy efficiency. A furnace working alone may result in erratic room temperatures, but a heat pump provides more stable warmth by avoiding intermittent bursts of heat. Furthermore, since heat pumps don’t require sudden energy surges like furnaces, they operate more efficiently.

Benefits of Combining a Furnace with a Heat Pump

Here are a few of the benefits of investing in a hybrid heating system:

  • Lower heating costs. The heat pump’s energy-efficient technology moves existing heat to where it’s needed rather than creating heat from scratch.
  • No getting caught in the cold. Since multiple heating solutions run on different energy sources, you don’t have to worry about a power outage or fuel shortage.

When to Use a Furnace vs a Heat Pump

Each heating system is better suited to certain external temperatures. Manitoba Hydro outlines three key temperatures to be aware of:

  • The thermal balance point, the temperature at which the heat pump lacks the capacity to heat the home
  • The economic balance point, the point at which your furnace is more cost-effective than your heat pump
  • The low temperature cut-off, the minimum temperature at which your heat pump can safely operate

Your heating contractor can configure your system to run each heat source at its optimal temperatures, according to your preferences for comfort, costs and energy efficiency.

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