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The Benefits of a Mini Split HVAC System for Your Home

Not all HVAC systems are built the same, so you should research options before settling on a system. A mini-split HVAC system offers superior advantages over other types of HVAC systems.

Here’s how mini-split systems work and what makes them the best choice for keeping cool on those sweltering summer days or staying comfortable in a warm home when winter hits.

Customize Placement in Your Home

If you have an inefficient window air conditioning unit, now is the time to consider a more cost-effective solution for cooling places like condominiums, apartments, home additions, and new construction. It is brilliant for homes where you wish to improve room temperature control.

One of the many excellent mini split system features is that it is ductless. Unlike central air and traditional heat pumps, the mini split HVAC system can directly deliver air via multiple zones and can be installed in as little as one day.

Easy to Install and Less Noisy

Installation is straightforward because of how the mini-split system is compromised. There is a small outdoor unit for the design and as many indoor units as you need. The only requirements for installing this HVAC system are electricity access and mounting capabilities.

Another superior benefit to mini-split HVAC systems is that they are quieter than central air. That is because they have tiny tubes connecting the wall-mounted unit, which connects to the condenser outside. These tubes do not run through the entire household. 

Since conditioned air is distributed from the wall-mounted units, you do not hear a “whooshing” sound like you would with a traditional unit.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Statistics show that Canadians spend about 90% of their week indoors. Unfortunately, the air quality inside your home can be worse than the air outside your home if you do not have the best HVAC system. Climate change affects air quality. 

For instance, there is a rise in the frequency and severity of floods. Wet materials and standing water can create the perfect location for mould growth, severely impacting your health. Plus, outdoor allergens can creep into a building, affecting your allergies.

You can protect your health and home with ventilation and good indoor filtration. Traditional types of HVAC systems have air ducts that require cleaning regularly and can still produce dust and allergens even after you clean them.

Fortunately, the mini-split HVAC system is ductless and has multi-state filtration, drastically lowering pollen, bacteria, dust, and other allergies and improving air quality.

Energy Efficiency

With zoning capabilities and a small ductless heat pump, you will improve energy efficiency. Not only will you save money with this HVAC system budget, but further, you will lower your total carbon output.

A ductless system uses R410A, and this refrigerant has a reputation for having zero potential for depleting ozone. That means that throughout its lifecycle, it will have less of an impact on the environment.

Reap the Rewards of a Mini Split HVAC System

The choice is clear. With its ability to customize where you place it, zoning and noise reduction capabilities, improvement in air quality, and energy efficiency, the mini-split HVAC system is an excellent choice to keep you cool and save you money.

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